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If you like environmental podcasts, then look no further; these shows are guided by experts to give you the latest take on environmental issues in Canada.

There are many perspectives on climate change and environmental matters. Make sure you get access to the latest news and information.

Commons: CRUDE – Arshy Mann

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This channel talks about Canada’s connection to the oil industry. Arshy Mann takes on a unique perspective by taking the focus away from pipelines and discusses a range of topics concerning the history of fossil fuels in Canada.

He talks about scandals in the oil industry, as well as foreign-funded conspiracy theories, and he mentions thousands of abandoned wells in the Alberta prairie. Arshy Mann gives his take on the country’s relationship with the oil industry.

Drilled – Amy Westervelt

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This is a true-crime podcast with an environmental twist. Amy conducts interviews and investigations into cases concerning fossil fuel propaganda and its economic, legal, and socio-economic consequences.

Each season of the podcast investigates a fresh look at fossil fuels in Canada. The main concern of the episode is always the impact of activities on the environment. It provides listeners with a detailed look at fossil fuel publicity campaigns and their downfalls.

What on Earth – Sarah Divall

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This podcast discusses the issues affecting the environment with a different topic each week. Sarah Divall is friendly, chatty, and her message is often well-received by her listeners. She talks about climate change and holds interviews with environmental activists. The CBC show asks tough questions about climate change from a Canadian perspective.

Find out how Canadian’s infrastructure might affect its transition to electric cars and what environmental racism and climate justice looks like in Canada. This show delves deep into the climate change issues facing Canada as a nation.

Podcasts are a fantastic way to learn more about environmental issues in Canada. Follow our story and listen to these podcasts to stay in the loop.